Is couple therapy the right option for you?

I am helping couples in stressful situations to find a way back to a better way of communication. You can learn to get an understanding of how your partner feels. You learn to understand each other’s triggers and how to reach each other in a more constructive way. Research shows, by building a strong bond of communication, people grow closer again.

Do you feel as if you have lost the connection to your partner, which you once shared and do you struggle to get it back? Perhaps in the past, there was a bigger injury in your relationship, e.g. a trust issue or an affair? Sometimes it is worth to face the risk and start to work on your relationship. Therefore, it can be helpful to meet with a neutral expert in a safe place to find out what is going on in your relationship and how you can develop new routes to reconnect. Additionally, you can find out what is needed to repair and built up a greater closeness to your partner.

Most of my clients have a background as expats. In addition to that most of the couples have an intercultural background in their relationship and live in a foreign country. All these factors can cause extra stress for the individual or the relationship with the partner or family.

Why Emotional Focused Couple therapy (EFT)?

I am offering my help to guide you to get more clarity and to strengthen your relationship again. Research shows that emotional focused couples therapy is very successful in reconnecting couples.

Emotional Focused Couples Therapy places the focus on the emotions in a relationship and how these emotions effect our living together. In the therapy we look together at the dynamic in your relationship. How you are affecting each other. We are not looking for the bad guy who is responsible for the stress in the relationship. The focus is on how the individuals interact with each other and how their acting is influencing their partner´s emotions, feelings and behaviors. I am helping you to strengthen you bond of communication again.

When EFT couples therapy does not work is, when one or both partner are not engaged in the relationship any more.


I have summarised here some frequently asked questions.