Why seek a therapist?

Has your life become out of balance and you feel the need to change some aspects to become more satisfied?

Do you feel the need to talk to someone in a quiet and safe environment? Sometimes, we feel we can't handle yet another crisis. Sometimes, relationships with other people seem to grow out of hand. Talking to a therapist may help you understand the situation better and find a way out.

Visiting a therapist is not a sign of weakness or something that you need to be ashamed of. It is rather a sign of courage, self-awareness and reflects the need to grow as a person.

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What to expect?

It is quiet normal to feel overwhelmed while looking for the right therapist to work with. A good therapist fulfils the role of a listener, conversation partner or motivator.

Social chemistry, competence and experience are equally important. In order to understand your situation time and a quiet and safe environment are essential. In my experience, already two or three sessions give a first good insight into the next steps.

I would like to introduce myself and my working methods through these pages and help you find the right setup.